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 New Grant For Local Businesses

What is the grant?

The grant will give up to $2400 to businesses to grow  their business online. Typical expenses eligible are website improvements, implementation of a customer database and social media marketing. Here's a link to the government site  to review. 

How long is the process?

We will submit your application within 2 business days. It typically takes 1-2 weeks to receive approval and around 40 days to receive reimbursement for expenses

Who qualifies?

Businesses that are registered for GST/HST and either have at least $30k in annual revenue or 1 employee qualify.  Our team will ensure your business meets the eligibility requirements before submitting your application.

Is Sunshine's $37 processing fee refundable?

Yes. If your business does not qualify for the grant we will refund the $37 processing fee. 

How does it work?

Once approved, your business will be eligible to be reimbursed for various online enhancements and services related to growing your business online. 

Is my information secure?

Yes. In order to apply for the grant you will need to upload your business registration and HST information to our team. Sunshine Admin Inc is a registered Canadian corporation and all information will be kept secure. 

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We're a team of admin assistants that help local businesses with marketing, customer service, admin support and outbound sales. Founded in 2017 in Barrie Ontario and serving local business all across Canada. Find out more about our team here.

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