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Flexible pricing that caters to your needs with NO CONTRACTS OR COMMITMENTS. Unlike hiring full time employees, you only pay when work is getting done.

Our Plans

Booking Buddy


every week

Chiirp Automations & Live Agent Chat

  • Includes Chiirp Site Chat Subscription ($50/month value)

Additional Fees

Chiirp Subscription (PRO) $49/week

Account Set Up $79-$199


Additional Agent Commissions

$0.75 per text conversation

New Bookings By Agent $10 each

*Does Not Include Phone Agents. For our Amazing Phone CSR & Dispatch Agents, Go For Sun-Essentials. 



every week


Phone CSR & Dispatch 

  • Includes Full Multi-Channel Sunshine CSR & Dispatch Team

  • Phone, email, text, lead sources like yelp, Angi & more!

  • (8am - 8pm EST Mon-Fri 9am-7pm EST Sat & Sun)


Additional Fees

Phone Usage: $1.95/minute with MAX rate of $17/hr*

After Hours Phone: $39/week (8pm EST - 8am EST)

                          Subscription (PRO) $49/week

Additional Agent Commissions

New Bookings By Agent $3 each

New Service Plan/Agreement Sold By Agent $30 each

More about Sun-Essentials Pricing


Outbound Selling



per custom campaign

Specialized Sales Agents

Our team of professional outbound sales agents  specialize in engaging with customer list to increase total revenue and keep you busy during the slower months. Tired of not having enough calls during the shoulder season? With our proven outbound solutions we can guarantee you never experience another slow period.

Social Media Marketing

At Sunshine Admin, we understand that each business needs a unique social media marketing strategy that is catered to them. Our team specializes in marketing for home service businesses.

We have a team that is trained to execute, measure, and report on all social media marketing projects. We value your growth, and seek every opportunity to help your business gain exposure, obtain new customers, and earn profitable results. ​

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